Lambda Kappa Kappa

Since its founding at Texas Christian University on December 13, 1994, Lambda Kappa Kappa has grown to become one of the most well known and prestigious fraternities in the Fort Worth area.  In our short history, we have pledged and produced hundreds of men into becoming campus leaders. Lambda Kappa Kappa is one of the most unique and diverse fraternities you will run across.  Our active members continually seek for self-improvement and always strive for success; as proven by ΛKK alumni who have triumphed in areas of business, armed services, entertainment, arts, and whatever else comes their way.  Our unmatched diversity and bond we all share has driven us to grow and stay ahead of other fraternities, both national and local.  We are Lambda Kappa Kappa, and we have a mission to create unity in knowledge, and to secure our future through education.

Current Active Members - From Left to Right: Robert Tutt, Brandon Loredo, Germaine Holt, Dakota Baggett, Matt Mata, Eduardo Cejas, Giovanni Monsanto, Eric Montez, Nathan Horsfall, Delvin Hill, Cory Judge, Trevor Judge, Stefan Self, Mario Breeding, Cesar Linares, Erik Lopez, Travis Walls, Denis Ushakov, Nicholas Demetre, Krzysztof Szpringiel (Not Pictured: Juan Martinez, Michael Anderson, Adam Cruz, Lance Vallejo)

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